FAQs - Renting

I might struggle to pay rent this month. What should I do?

For many of us, work may be reducing hours or making redundancies. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that emergency legislation will be brought forward to protect private renters from eviction due to coronavirus. 


Explicit measures are not yet in place, however, meaning that your best course of action is to speak to your landlord and letting agent. Some may be amenable to deferring rental payments to a later date, provided you can prove the reduction in your income.

What about mortgage payment holidays; can I expect my landlord to pass this onto me (the renter)?

Unfortunately, as these holidays simply result in deferred payments, landlords will have to pay back these monies at a later point. Instead of completely waiving or reducing your rent, therefore, some landlords may therefore be amenable to deferred rental payments in line with their own.

Can my landlord/agent go ahead with visits - like viewings & inspections?

Given the latest stay at home restrictions placed by the government, all non-essential visits should not go ahead! As such, agents / landlords should not be trying to organise viewings or inspections. 

FAQs - General

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is a set of actions, designed to maintain a physical gap between people. Given that this disease travels in airborne droplets, most experts recommend keeping at least a 2m gap between yourself & others.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The NHS states that the two primary symptoms are a high temperature (or fever) and a new, persistent cough. If you experience either of these, it is asked that you remain at home and self-isolate.

Other symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, aches, runny nose and sore throat. It is important to note that many people testing positive for coronavirus exhibit no symptoms at all; you may be spreading the infection unknowingly.

Someone in my household is exhibiting symptoms. What should we do?

Please see our blog post for more details (How to self-isolate in a shared house).

Can I go outside?

In the UK & Ireland, all non-essential travel is advised against. For the UK, the recent communications (23/03) restrict from leaving your house for any reason OTHER than:

- shopping for basic necessities such as food and medicine

- one form of exercise per day (done alone or with a household member only)

- any medical need, including care for vulnerable people

- travelling to and from work - but only where you absolutely cannot work from home


Is transport operating as usual?

In London - the worst-hit UK location - public transport services are being reduced. A number of tube stations have been closed, with buses also being scaled back. Nationally, many rail services are being reduced.