Free fluffy Perchie-Parrots for mobility professionals

The most iconic accessory in mobility in 2021. Delivered free with any first initiation.

When a HR or mobility professional moves an employee using Perchpeek, we consider them to be a new part of our family.

As a result, we like to welcome new members to the nest with a little present.

When any mobility manager (GAC, Account Manager, in-house HR representative) sends us their first employee, they will receive a free fluffy Perchie-parrot straight to their door.

Upon sending the employee for their free intro call with us, all you have to do is send your postal address to with the name of the employee who you sent. We'll send the fluffy toy in the post as our way of thanking you!

We won't use your data for any other purposes.

Here's to many cuddly time ahead! Enjoy!

A representative's eligibility for receiving a parrot is at Perchpeek's discretion. Employees must attend their free introductory call in order to qualify.

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