Making Working From Anywhere a reality - An interview with Impala's Head Of People & Talent

How can Working From Anywhere really be engineered by HR teams?

It's an amazing perk that can have great benefits in terms of employee welfare and morale, but putting it into practice may seem like a challenge.

At Impala, the People and Talent team are extremely engaged in making this solution work for their employees. Their teams can work remotely from anywhere in Europe, and have access to supported relocations regardless of level or where they want to base themselves.

Our Head Of Marketing Harrison Lee had a fantastic opportunity to sit down with Impala's Head of People and Talent, Tilly Firth, to discuss every element of how they're making it happen - focusing on:

- Maintaining company culture

- Staying compliant over borders

- Working across time-zones

- Keeping teams collaborating

- Remote talent they've unlocked

Here's what happened:

Find out more about making flexible and low cost relocations a part of your company perks policy at

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