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Hey Perchpeekers,

Firstly, amidst these scary, crazy times, I hope this note finds you in a well lit and well fed WFH environment. I can’t be the only one eating my weight in snacks whilst refreshing the news on a c.30 second cycle.

As a hopefully optimistic distraction from the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to provide you with a little bit of news from our end. We’ve officially taken over our first company!

Prelo, the tech-based Irish Relocation Startup, has merged its operations and clients into the Perchpeek ecosystem. Tommy Courtney, Prelo’s founder and CEO, has built an awesome business in Ireland over the past 3 years and we’re ecstatic to welcome him to the Perchpeek Team as part of the takeover. Over the past few months we’ve been unbelievably impressed by his shared vision for the future of moving, Prelo’s impressive customer base in Ireland and ultimately, their intimate knowledge of the Irish market.

Expanding internationally is a huge milestone and crucial in helping Perchpeek fulfil our mission of helping people decide where to live (turns out not everyone wants to live in the UK…). Perchpeekers have worked incredibly hard to make this happen and we can’t wait to start helping employees moving to Ireland find their homes using the Perchpeek App.

Nevertheless, we know this is a hugely difficult time for so many people and so we hope you don’t mind us sharing this news with you. Without a doubt the most important thing at times like these is to stay safe, stay sane and keep our fingers firmly crossed we’re all able to come through this crisis comparatively complete.

Thoughts and feelings,

Paul Bennett


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